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The fitness industry is saturated and incredibly competitive, with trends indicating even more growth for at least five more years. While growth is exciting and means there is demand, it also reveals a scary truth: Putting your name out there and making money becomes increasingly challenging. One effective way to set yourself apart from a […]

In the ever-changing landscape of personal training services, pricing the workout plans you provide for clients can be a significant challenge.  As a personal trainer, you must price workout plans reasonably to attract clients but also fairly to get compensated for your hard work. Striking a balance between affordability and profitability is critical. Plus, you

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Personal development is vital for becoming a successful trainer. You must continually educate yourself and find new ways to improve your practice to serve your clients better and build a successful personal training business. The problem is that finding time for education can feel impossible between working with clients, handling the business side of things,

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Online fitness classes continue gaining popularity as they change how we think about working out. People can now opt for online sessions instead of going to the local gym to work with a qualified trainer. Folks can log into their preferred platform, contact a professional, and start working out in the comfort and privacy of

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The terms fitness coach and personal trainer are often used interchangeably, but they mean different things.  Read on if you’re interested in learning how the two differ, what responsibilities the two roles bring, and which one might make more sense as a career path. Let’s dive in. The Difference Between a Personal Trainer and a

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