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Whether you own a small gym, create content for YouTube or a blog, promote products through affiliate marketing, or coach people online, branding yourself effectively can make all the difference in the world. Good branding can make you stand out, attract clients more easily, and keep you in people’s minds long after they’ve interacted with […]

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Influencers have emerged as authoritative figures in the fitness industry. While once an obscure career path, influencers today can earn good money, enjoy more freedom, and help thousands or even millions of people make better choices.  But beyond the sponsored posts, motivational quotes, and shirtless selfies, fitness influencing has a business side to it. The

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Creating business cards might seem like an outdated idea. After all, our world is becoming more digital by the minute, which makes many old-school marketing tactics obsolete. However, in some instances, as with business cards, there is value in going old-school because of a few distinct advantages. Read on to learn how to create an

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This is the complete guide to becoming a personal trainer in 2024. Learn everything you need to know to embark on this career path, make a name for yourself, and fill your roster with happy clients. In this guide, we’ll discuss: And a lot more, so let’s dive in. Chapter 1: Personal Training Fundamentals This

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Building a personal trainer business is exhilarating and challenging. On the one hand, everything is new, and you can’t help but daydream of the remarkable success you can enjoy. But, on the other hand, getting started takes time and a lot of effort. One area where people struggle is deciding on a personal trainer business

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Like many other industries, fitness is going through significant changes each year. Given the rapid development of technology and the Covid pandemic, people have been looking for tech-friendly and more flexible ways to work out and get fit. Back in the day, gym training was the end-all-be-all to getting shape. However, things have shifted toward

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Like it or not, fitness marketing is necessary to get yourself out there, build a brand people recognize, and grow a successful fitness business.  You can be among the best fitness professionals in the industry, but people won’t listen to you (or know you exist) if you don’t try to get yourself in front of

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Fitness Business Ideas for 2024: A Quick Look Simple and effective fitness business ideas for 2024: 1. Become an Online Fitness Coach Online fitness coaching has become a popular career path for many fitness professionals because it offers flexibility and access to a large client base.  Coaches can earn good money, enjoy flexible hours, have

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Building a successful personal training business involves more than just writing training plans for your clients. You must do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to set yourself apart and help your clients succeed. Part of that work includes the use of personal trainer consultation forms.  Asking the right questions allows you to examine new clients

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