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With the rapid digitalization of our world, we can do almost everything online. Even personal training has taken up a virtual form, with countless fitness professionals offering online coaching.  While online personal training services might seem like a gimmick that can’t possibly replace in-person coaching, the approach offers unique advantages: Plus, given how popular online

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Are you a personal trainer looking for direction and inspiration to become a better fitness professional and build a successful business?  If so, you should not overlook books because they can be a source of timeless wisdom, effective and evergreen strategies, and invaluable tips that could make you go, “Aha!”  To that end, we’ve compiled

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One of the most frustrating experiences for personal trainers is to motivate clients and have them do what they should to get the desired results. As a coach, it can be disheartening to pour time and effort into a workout plan, provide recommendations, and answer clients’ questions thoroughly, only for them to take the information

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At first glance, personal trainers have it easy because they earn a living doing what they love: coaching others.  However, despite the ‘simplicity,’ being a successful personal trainer is quite challenging. A personal trainer needs to understand marketing, human psychology, good business strategies, and, of course, fitness.  To that end, we’ve put together this guide

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Despite the popularity of group classes and fitness courses, personal training is the gold standard for guiding people on their training journey.  A good personal trainer provides effective workout plans, helps trainees improve their technique, teaches clients how hard to train, and does countless other things. Put simply, clients get a ton of value from

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Struggling to find new clients is one of the most frustrating experiences for personal trainers. You know how valuable your services can be, and you’re motivated to help people lead better lives, but you can’t sign anyone. Even when someone decides to work with you, it’s only for a short while before they quit.  But

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You’ve probably heard of the saying, “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”  Fitness assessments are like pre-purchase car inspections. They are not mandatory, but doing them can save you time, energy, and frustration later.  Taking the time to perform a fitness assessment before offering your personal training services is necessary for learning more about your

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Have you ever read something that evoked an emotion, brought you closer to someone, or made you take action? If so, you probably understand just how powerful a piece of writing can be.  As a coach or trainer, your bio is one of the most important things you must write.  The question is, how should

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As a coach, you probably expect most clients to have at least a basic fitness foundation. You know––basic stuff: But what should you do if a new client doesn’t have that base because they’ve been sedentary for the last five, ten, or twenty years? What if your client has spent an extended period in bed,

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