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The Best Client App to Log Workouts

Clients can effortlessly log their prescribed workouts, track their progress, and engage with Hevy’s massive community for support and motivation.

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Display of client app used to log workouts and coaches in-depth view of a logged session

The Best App to Help Your Clients Succeed

Simple Workout Logging

Clients can easily see and log the workouts you assign.

Display of client app used to log workouts and coaches in-depth view of a logged session

In-Depth Performance Insight

Clients can see their full performance history.

An overview of exercise performance displayed on a graph

Fitness Community Engagement

Clients can engage with the Hevy community.

An overview of comments on a workout logged with Hevy app

Workout Logging Made Simple

Display of client app used to log workouts and coaches in-depth view of a logged session
A graph showing weight lifted over time with the option to track 1RM and set volume

Analyzing Progress: Never Been Easier

Community Engagement for Support

An overview of comments on a workout logged with Hevy app
An overview of the client app and how it looks on smartwatches

No Phone? No Problem.

But Wait - There’s Also Desktop View

An overview of the web tool for clients to use the app on their computer
An overview of the coach tab and chat in the client tab

Clients Can Reach Out at Any Time

You Get Access to All the Data

An overview of the coaching platform dashboard
"I've been using Hevy Coach with my clients for over a year now and they are constantly adding new features, improving the already incredible user experience and being super responsive. My clients literally love using the app, from simple tracking and social sharing to more advanced features like 1RM predictions and workout muscle usage charts. Its easy to send out invites to clients and assign workouts from existing programmes or write new ones specifically."
Pete S. trainer testimonial
John Doe
Pete S., Trainer

A Quick Look From Your Client’s Point of View

Intuitive Workout Logging

The training variables (exercises, sets, weights, reps, and RPE) load automatically in the app. Your client's job is to mark each set as complete as they go through the workout.

Automatic Rest Timers

The rest timers you assign in the workout builder activate when your client completes a set. They see the timer and are notified when rest time is over.

A view of the app clients will use to track and log their assigned workouts

Custom Exercise Notes

Custom notes you add to exercises to clarify something, remind your clients of important cues, or add helpful information is displayed below the name of the exercise for them.

Advanced Exercise Charts

Your clients can click on any exercise to track their week to week progress and previous best performances (like a 1RM or best set volume), neatly displayed on a graph.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Results

Embrace Automation For Your Clients

The beauty of coaching clients through Hevy is that workout and performance logging is a breeze. This means clients are more likely to log their sessions and performance, allowing you to make better coaching decisions based on more data.

Clients can log workouts as they go along without spending too much time on the phone, and anything they save to their profile (be it a workout, sports session, or body metric) becomes available for you to review through Hevy Coach.

Track Progress and Organize Your Clients

Coaching clients across multiple platforms often makes your job more difficult and time-consuming. It also impacts your ability to track clients effectively and may cause you to miss out on essential client updates or messages.

With Hevy Coach and the client app, all the data is organized in one place and available for you to review by visiting individual clients’ profiles.

With a couple of clicks, you can see a client’s latest activities and examine their performance, consistency, and body metrics (including progress photos). This makes progress tracking a breeze and eliminates the need for spreadsheets.

Eliminate Guesswork With Detailed Instructions

Hevy Coach allows you to provide detailed workout plans to clients with all the information they need: movements, number of sets, rep targets, weight, rest periods, and RPE.

You can also leave custom notes on individual workouts and exercises––for example, remind a client to do a lighter session or pause briefly at the bottom of a squat.

All the information you add when using the workout builder shows up in the client app when you assign a program to someone.

Any questions about the client app?

To assign a workout plan to a client, navigate to the Program Library tab in the menu on the left, click on a plan, and select Assign Program on the top right.

You can select the client (or clients) from the list and assign the plan. So long as they have internet access, the plan will appear in the Coach tab inside the app.

The Hevy app works on Apple Watch and Wear OS, which means clients can log workouts even if they leave the phone in the locker room or at home.

As a coach, you get access to exercise statistics (individual performance on specific movements over time) and advanced statistics that provide a breakdown of the client’s training––time spent training, sets per muscle group, and total training volume.

Hevy Coach’s built-in chat allows you to communicate with clients. Messages you send appear in the app, and clients receive a notification, allowing for quick and efficient discussions.

You can also enable browser and email notifications to see new messages immediately without checking Hevy Coach every five minutes.

Clients must navigate to the Coach tab inside Hevy to see their assigned workouts. They must then click Start Routine on the workout they want to do. The timer will start automatically, and clients will be able to log sets and exercises as they go through the session.

Once finished, clients can click the Finish button at the top right to save their session. It will automatically show up in your activity feed on Hevy Coach.

The best course of action is to ask your client to log the session from memory. They can change the date and time before saving the workout.

So long as the latest version of the program is saved in the app, clients can log individual workouts without internet access. Once they are back online, any saved workouts will sync to their profile automatically.

Explore All the Other Features and Options

An overview of a coaching platform dashboard

Monitor clients, get real-time updates, and send invites from a single screen.

An overview of the client management abilities of a coaching platform

Track client activity, assign workout plans at scale, and monitor progress.

Build highly customized workouts and include custom notes for clients.

Create workout plans from scratch and set a duration with drag-and-drop functionality.

Track your clients' exercise performance, body metrics, and visual changes.

Build workouts using movements from our library or by creating your own custom exercises.

An overview of a coach-client chat on a coaching platform

Keep all client interactions in one place, refer to old conversations, and exchange video files.

An overview of a coaching team feature on a platform

Create a team of coaches, monitor all clients, and build a shared program library.

An overview of an invite link feature on a coaching platform

Create and customize your contact form with an invite link to generate new leads.