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The Ultimate Client Management Software

With its simple onboarding process, email notifications, streamlined workout creation, ability to assign programs at scale, and progress and adherence tracking, Hevy Coach makes client management a breeze.

No credit card required.

The client tab showing the list of clients and their adherence in the last 7 days

Client Management Made Simple

Assign Programs

Select a training program and assign it to as many people as you want with a few mouse clicks.

A preview of how coaches can assign one training plan to multiple clients in the Hevy Coach menu

Track Activity

See all your client’s recent activities, like completed workouts and measurements, in one feed.

An overview of the coaching dashboard showing recent workouts completed by clients


Answer questions, collect feedback, send and receive files, and provide guidance through the chat.

An overview of the chat between coach and client in Hevy Coach

Everything You Need in One Place

An overview of the coaching platform dashboard
The client tab showing the list of clients and their adherence in the last 7 days

Monitor Clients At a Glance

Assign Programs in Bulk

An overiew of the assign program feature with option to set a duration and schedule
An overview of an assigned training plan, including how the client sees it in the app

Overview and Edit Clients’ Programs

Keep Your Coaching Organized

An overview of a client profile with an option to add custom notes
A graph showing weight lifted over time with the option to track 1RM and set volume

Gain In-Depth Performance Insights

Keep All Client Chats in One Place

An overview of the chat between coach and client in Hevy Coach
"I've been using Hevy Coach with my clients for over a year now and they are constantly adding new features, improving the already incredible user experience and being super responsive. My clients literally love using the app, from simple tracking and social sharing to more advanced features like 1RM predictions and workout muscle usage charts. Its easy to send out invites to clients and assign workouts from existing programmes or write new ones specifically."
Pete S. trainer testimonial
John Doe
Pete S., Trainer

What Your Clients Will Experience

Intuitive Workout Logging

The training variables (exercises, sets, weights, reps, and RPE) load automatically in the app. Your client's job is to mark each set as complete as they go through the workout.

Automatic Rest Timers

The rest timers you assign in the workout builder activate when your client completes a set. They see the timer and are notified when rest time is over.

A view of the app clients will use to track and log their assigned workouts

Custom Exercise Notes

Custom notes you add to exercises to clarify something, remind your clients of important cues, or add helpful information is displayed below the name of the exercise for them.

Advanced Exercise Charts

Your clients can click on any exercise to track their week to week progress and previous best performances (like a 1RM or best set volume), neatly displayed on a graph.

Find the right plan for your business

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What's included

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Save Yourself the Time (And Headaches)

Onboard Clients Systematically

Forget about long and complicated onboarding processes. With Hevy Coach, you can send out email invitations through the dashboard.

Your client will be prompted to make a profile (or sign in with their Google or Apple account) and download the app. The whole setup takes around two minutes.

Take Advantage of Email and Browser Notifications

Hevy Coach’s notification capabilities allow you to stay on top of things and respond to clients in record time. To enable or modify these, go to Settings on the left-hand side menu and click the Notifications tab.

There, you can enable browser and email notifications when clients message you, complete a workout or add a measurement. It will also notify you if a client’s program is about to finish in the following week.

For example, if a client is in a higher tier and pays for priority support, you can enable email notifications when they send you a message or complete a workout. That way, you can provide support at the right time without delay.

You can enable or disable notifications about individual clients by going to their profiles and navigating to the Settings tab (top right).

Never Miss a Thing

Staying organized becomes increasingly challenging as your roster grows, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by spreadsheets.

Fortunately, Hevy Coach simplifies the process by allowing you to examine each client’s profile for performance and body metrics.

Navigate to a client’s profile to see a breakdown of their adherence, time spent training and performance. 

You can even examine individual exercise performance to make more informed coaching decisions.

Remember Important Facts

Navigate to a client’s profile where you can leave custom notes with important information like:

  • The client is available to chat after 6 PM
  • The client has a history of knee pain
  • The client’s primary goal is to build upper body strength

These small notes can help you remember everything that matters about each client and provide a more personalized coaching experience.

Any questions about client management?

You don’t need to set up client profiles. Once a client accepts your invitation and registers, their profile will appear in your Clients tab. From there, you can assign a training program, add custom notes (only visible to you), and see statistics about their training. All of their recent activities will show up in their feed.

You can start a direct chat with any of your clients on the platform and exchange videos and images. This is a convenient way to keep all client conversations in one place, provide video instructions, and ask clients to send videos of their training for technique check-ups.

Every workout plan you build from scratch, duplicate, or import from the HevyCoach Library is stored in your Program Library tab. There, you can organize your programs in folders, duplicate them (ideal when building multiple similar programs), and assign them to clients at scale.

You can write many detailed notes for each client in the Notes section of their profile. The notes are private and serve to help the coach recall important details about each client.

You can send video files, links to instructional YouTube videos, and links to helpful resources through the built-in chat.

Clients can share feedback about their workouts by sending you direct messages. Alternatively, they can write quick notes or summaries before saving workouts under the Description section in the Hevy app. Your clients can leave these descriptions public for other Hevy app users or mark them as Private, where only you and they can see them.