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Client Progress Tracking Made Easy

With its intuitive dashboard, exercise statistics, advanced metrics, body measurements section, and progress photos, Hevy Coach allows you to track clients’ progress in every area that matters.

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A look at the app where clients log body measurements and a graph of body weight displayed on a graph

Personal Trainer Client Tracking, Simplified

Track Body Metrics

Clients can log their body weight, body fat percentage, and body measurements.

A look at the app where clients log body measurements and a graph of body weight displayed on a graph

Monitor Visual Changes

Clients can upload progress photos, making it easy to track visual changes.

An overview of the progress photos section where coaches can monitor clients' visual changes

Examine Performance

Examine your clients’ training and long-term performance on every exercise.

An overview of the body measurements section that display client's body weight, BMI, and circumference measures

Track Clients At a Glance

The client tab showing the list of clients and their adherence in the last 7 days
Display of client app used to log workouts and coaches in-depth view of a logged session

Get In-Depth Performance Insight

Track Progress on Any Movement

An overview of individual exercise progress with a graph displaying performance in the previous 3 months
"I've been using Hevy Coach with my clients for over a year now and they are constantly adding new features, improving the already incredible user experience and being super responsive. My clients literally love using the app, from simple tracking and social sharing to more advanced features like 1RM predictions and workout muscle usage charts. Its easy to send out invites to clients and assign workouts from existing programmes or write new ones specifically."
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John Doe
Pete S., Trainer

Simplified Progress Logging For Your Clients


The training variables (exercises, sets, weights, reps, and RPE) load automatically in the app. Your client's job is to mark each set as complete as they go through the workout.

Body Measurements

Aside from body weight and body fat, clients can use the same menu to input circumference measurements for their neck, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, biceps, forearms, thighs, and calves.

A view of the app clients will use to track and log their assigned workouts

Body Weight and Body Fat

Your client can navigate to their profile inside the app, go to Measures and input their body weight and body fat percentage along with the date for each measurement.

Progress Photos

Clients can now upload progress photos by selecting ones from their library or taking them on the spot. Each photo is securely stored and only available to you and your client to track their transformation.

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Staying On Top of Things Has Never Been Easier

Monitor Circumference Measures

Clients can input body measurements as often as necessary for you to monitor changes during weight loss (cutting) or weight gain (bulking) phases. This information helps you document your client’s progress and analyze changes more accurately.

For example, a client might appear in a weight loss plateau. However, if their measurements are steadily decreasing, it could mean they are still making progress, but factors like water retention could be masking improvements.

Track Clients' Body Transformations

Your clients can now upload progress photos directly through the Hevy app, allowing you to monitor visual changes more easily.

This is particularly valuable when а client is cutting or bulking, as it allows you to more thoroughly document their journey and keep them on the right track. More importantly, showcasing visual improvements can be highly motivating for clients.

Back it Up With Performance Insight

Beyond body weight, measurements, and visual changes, tracking performance provides an additional layer. It allows you to measure improvements in strength (maximal, explosive, and endurance), cardio, and overall work capacity. 

This information is highly beneficial in guiding your coaching decisions. It helps you determine the effectiveness of the assigned training plan, which is particularly valuable when the primary goals are performance-based (such as in powerlifting).

Forget About Spreadsheets and Countless Emails

The best part of Hevy Coach’s built-in client tracker is that you can monitor people from a single dashboard and document their progress without spreadsheets or frustrating back-and-forth emails. 

Simply visit a client’s profile and you’ll get instant access to all the data you need to determine the effectiveness of their training and nutrition plan.

Any questions about our client progress tracker?

Navigate to the Clients tab, select a client from the list, and navigate to Body Measurements on the horizontal menu at the top. You will see body measurements, body weight, and body fat percentage displayed on graphs.

You can navigate to the Chat section to send personal messages with questions, tips, and suggestions to clients, as well as add personalized notes to individual workouts (when creating them with the workout builder) or to entire training plans.

You can see all the recent workouts a client has done by going to the Clients tab and selecting a person from your list. These appear under Latest Activities on the right. Additionally, the Clients tab provides an overview of each client and how active they’ve been in the last seven days.

In addition to exercise performance and advanced training statistics (like training volume done over time), your clients can upload progress photos and add circumference measurements, body fat percentage, and body weight. All of the information shows up in Hevy Coach for you to track body composition changes.

Clients can log as many workouts as they want, update their measurements, and upload progress photos daily. There is also an option to upload old data through the Hevy app by adding measurements and progress photos and selecting the corresponding date on top before saving.

Clients can access all the data (body measurements, body weight, body fat percentage, workout performance, individual exercise progress, and advanced statistics) and progress photos by navigating to their Profile section inside the Hevy app.

Each client you coach has an individual profile inside the Clients tab. There, you can analyze individual metrics and workout performance without manually inputting data in a spreadsheet.