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Use an Invite Link to Grow Your Coaching Business

Create a template with an invite link, share it with people, and start generating new leads for your coaching business in minutes.

No credit card required.

An overview of the page where coaches can generate an invite link

Get New Clients in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Find Your Invite Link

Navigate to Grow on the left-hand side menu to see your unique link.

An overview of the generated invite link

Step 2: Customize the Contact Form

Customize the form with your cover image and a unique message for clients.

An overview of the customizable contact form

Step 3: Share Your Link With Clients

Share your invite link on social media, your website, and elsewhere.

An overview of sharing an invite link to generate coaching leads

Add Your Personal Touch

Overview of how to customize the contact form in Grow
An overview of how to invite new coaching clients

Collect Leads

Decide Who to Work With

An overview of the ability to accept or decline a coaching request
"I've been using Hevy Coach with my clients for over a year now and they are constantly adding new features, improving the already incredible user experience and being super responsive. My clients literally love using the app, from simple tracking and social sharing to more advanced features like 1RM predictions and workout muscle usage charts. Its easy to send out invites to clients and assign workouts from existing programmes or write new ones specifically."
Pete S. trainer testimonial
John Doe
Pete S., Trainer

What Your Clients Will Experience

Intuitive Workout Logging

The training variables (exercises, sets, weights, reps, and RPE) load automatically in the app. Your client's job is to mark each set as complete as they go through the workout.

Automatic Rest Timers

The rest timers you assign in the workout builder activate when your client completes a set. They see the timer and are notified when rest time is over.

A view of the app clients will use to track and log their assigned workouts

Custom Exercise Notes

Custom notes you add to exercises to clarify something, remind your clients of important cues, or add helpful information is displayed below the name of the exercise for them.

Advanced Exercise Charts

Your clients can click on any exercise to track their week to week progress and previous best performances (like a 1RM or best set volume), neatly displayed on a graph.

Find the right plan for your business

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What's included

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Number of clients

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Save Time, Get Leads, Build Your Practice

Simplify Your Lead Generation

The ability to style your contact form and share it with prospective clients puts lead generation on autopilot.

People interested in your service can reach out with a quick and relevant message (especially if you set some rules under Message when customizing your contact form). That way, you can decide if a lead would be a good fit or not.

Plus, by sharing your contact form across multiple platforms, you reach a more diverse group of people instead of confining yourself to a single source for new leads.

Boost Conversion Rate and Engagement

Adding your personal touch to the contact form improves brand recognition, which can make a significant difference when a prospect clicks on your unique link.

Displaying your brand logo, name, and writing style can improve conversion rate (the percentage of people who reach out after seeing your contact form) and helps you build an emotional connection with people right from the start.

Manage and Respond to Leads

The automated email notifications for new leads means you can stay on top of coaching requests without checking Hevy Coach all the time. Plus, you can respond to requests more quickly and appear more professional.

To top things off, the Decline and Invite buttons allow you to quickly handle new leads, ensuring that you can focus on coaching while handling new client requests on time.


Any questions about Grow?

The Grow feature in Hevy Coach allows you to customize a contact form and use a unique invite link to generate new leads and expand your coaching business.

Navigate to Grow in the menu on the left where you will see your unique link under the Link section.

You can upload a custom image that will appear at the top of the contact form (ideal size is 740 x 180 pixels and up to 5 MB) and write a message for leads. The message can be something simple like a brief overview of who you are, who your ideal client is, and what rules the lead should follow to write a relevant message in their application.

Prospects will need to write their name, email address, and a brief message.

You can use the Message section when customizing your contact form to outline some simple rules for leads when filling out the application. This can result in coaching requests that are easier to read and more relevant to your coaching business.

The prospect is notified by email and is invited to download the Hevy app and create their account. Once they register an account, they will be added to your client list, and you can assign a training plan and start tracking their progress.

Yes, the contact form is mobile-friendly and responsive, allowing prospective clients to click on your link and send their application from any device.

Explore All the Other Features and Options

An overview of a coaching platform dashboard

Monitor clients, get real-time updates, and send invites from a single screen.

An overview of the client management abilities of a coaching platform

Track client activity, assign workout plans at scale, and monitor progress.

Build highly customized workouts and include custom notes for clients.

Create workout plans from scratch and set a duration with drag-and-drop functionality.

Track your clients' exercise performance, body metrics, and visual changes.

Build workouts using movements from our library or by creating your own custom exercises.

An overview of a coach-client chat on a coaching platform

Keep all client interactions in one place, refer to old conversations, and exchange video files.

An overview of a coaching team feature on a platform

Create a team of coaches, monitor all clients, and build a shared program library.

An overview of the app for coaching clients

The app allows clients to effortlessly log workouts, chat with you, and track progress.