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The Ultimate Workout Program Builder

Our training program builder lets you create workouts from scratch, set program durations, and see a comprehensive summary, all with seamless drag-and-drop functionality.

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An overview of the workout program builder with the individual workouts, summary section, and 'assign program' button shown

Building Training Programs As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Build, Duplicate, or Import Workouts

Use the drag-and-drop workout builder with a built-in exercise library to add the movements you want and adjust all training variables like number of sets, rep range, weight target, rest periods, and RPE.

To save time, you can also duplicate existing workouts or import them from other training programs in your library.

An overview of the workout program builder with the individual workouts, summary section, and 'assign program' button shown

2. Fill Out the Important Details

Once you’ve created or imported the workouts for your program, fill in the other relevant details. This includes the:

  • Program’s title (for example, 4-day Upper/Lower)
  • Note (such as to provide extra information to your client)
  • Duration (up to 52 weeks).
An overview of the workout builder with the exercise library, title section, set types, and routine note

3. Assign and Schedule the Workout Plan

All that’s left is to click the Assign Program button on the top right and select which clients you’d like to assign the program to.

You can also enable the Schedule option, set a duration for the program (minimum is 1 week), and select when the program should start––for example, at the start of the upcoming week.

An overview of the option to assign and schedule a training program to clients

Get a Detailed Summary

A preview of the workout plan summary and all the details it includes
A preview of how coaches can assign one training plan to multiple clients in the Hevy Coach menu

Give One Program to Multiple Clients

Overview and Edit Training Programs

An overview of an assigned training plan, including how the client sees it in the app
An overview of the workout program builder and folders

Keep Your Programs Organized

"I've been using Hevy Coach with my clients for over a year now and they are constantly adding new features, improving the already incredible user experience and being super responsive. My clients literally love using the app, from simple tracking and social sharing to more advanced features like 1RM predictions and workout muscle usage charts. Its easy to send out invites to clients and assign workouts from existing programmes or write new ones specifically."
Pete S. trainer testimonial
John Doe
Pete S., Trainer

What Your Clients Will Experience

Intuitive Workout Logging

The training variables (exercises, sets, weights, reps, and RPE) load automatically in the app. Your client's job is to mark each set as complete as they go through the workout.

Automatic Rest Timers

The rest timers you assign in the workout builder activate when your client completes a set. They see the timer and are notified when rest time is over.

A view of the app clients will use to track and log their assigned workouts

Custom Exercise Notes

Custom notes you add to exercises to clarify something, remind your clients of important cues, or add helpful information is displayed below the name of the exercise for them.

Advanced Exercise Charts

Your clients can click on any exercise to track their week to week progress and previous best performances (like a 1RM or best set volume), neatly displayed on a graph.

Find the right plan for your business

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Build the Best Training Programs

Enjoy a Simple and Customizable Program Library

The Hevy Coach program library offers numerous options to organize workout plans, assign them to one or more clients with a few clicks of the mouse, and duplicate them to streamline the process of creating new training plans. 

You can also edit training plans in the library and delete redundant ones to keep your library clutter-free.

Assign and Schedule Training Plans

You can assign any training plan from your library to multiple clients and schedule it by choosing its starting date. This is a great way to organize your coaching duties and ensure each client has a training plan. 

For example, you can set aside time one day to do programming for your online clients, assign the programs, and schedule each to start at the right time.

Give the HevyCoach Library a Try​

Not sure where to start with program building? Or perhaps you need some inspiration? Either way, navigate to the HevyCoach Library within your program library and browse our selection of more than a dozen pre-made workout plans. 

We’ve categorized them based on experience (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and goals (muscle or strength gain). We also have a home training section with little to no equipment.

Edit Individual Workouts in Seconds

Thanks to the simple and intuitive workout builderyou can easily adjust training variables (e.g., number of sets, the type of each set, rest period between sets, target RPE, load, and rep target or rep range).

As an added benefit, the exercise library comes with filters and a search field, allowing you to find the right movements in seconds. Plus, you can create unlimited custom exercises, include step-by-step instructions, and attach instructional videos.

Any questions about our workout routine builder?

Yes, you can create a single training program or import one from the HevyCoach Library, assign it to as many clients as you want, and customize it for each client. To do so, you will need to navigate to the client tab, select a client, tap Edit Program on their assigned plan, and make the necessary changes.

To create a program from scratch, navigate to the Program Library tab, click + Create Workout Program button (top right), and add the necessary details. Click the + Add Routine to add a new workout to the program and use the workout builder to add the movements, sets, rest periods, RPE targets, and other relevant training variables.

To duplicate an existing workout program (a great way to save time when creating multiple plans), go to the Program Library tab and click the three dots icon on the right of a plan. Then, select Duplicate Program. You can import a program by navigating to HevyCoach Library and clicking the Add to My Library button next to the program you want to use.

To edit a training program you’ve assigned to a client, navigate to the Clients tab and click on the client whose plan you want to edit. Then, navigate to Workout Program on top and click the Edit Program button on the bottom right. Any changes you make to the training plan will immediately reflect in the Hevy app, which your clients will use to access their workout plans and log individual sessions.

Navigate to your program library, click the three dots icon on the right of the training program you want to remove, and select Delete Program.

Once you’ve invited a client to be coached, they will be prompted to download the Hevy app. Inside, there is a Coach section on the bottom, where the assigned training plan (along with any program notes) will appear. Your client will be able to edit individual workouts (add/remove exercises, pair movements into supersets, assign RPE targets, and more) and start them.

The simplest way to track adherence is to navigate to the Clients tab to see their activity in the last seven days. You can dig deeper by clicking on individual clients’ profiles and looking through the Latest Activities tab on the right. There, you will see the workouts the client has done, and you can click on each to examine their performance.