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Training Disciplines

Hevy Coach is a versatile platform tailored to support coaches across various training disciplines, including bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, weight loss, powerlifting and more. It’s engineered to simplify the oversight and development of individualized training programs, catering to the unique needs of athletes in these diverse fields. Coaches can leverage Hevy Coach to track progress, assign workout programs, and guide their clients towards achieving their peak performance. Whether the goal is muscle gain, strength enhancement, skill development, weight management, or competition preparation, Hevy Coach equips trainers with the tools necessary to ensure their clients excel in their chosen discipline.

Easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

Easily Manage Your Clients

Manage and assign programs for your clients with an easy to use interface.​

Build and Assign Workout Programs​

Create your workout program library with a powerful routine builder. Use our complete exercise library or create your own custom exercises. 

Track client progress

The client overview allows you to analyze your client’s progress at a glance, or dig deeper into their advanced workout analytics.

Hevy Coach: A Game-Changer for Coaches in Diverse Training Disciplines

In the varied landscape of fitness training, coaches dedicated to bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, weight loss, and powerlifting are on a constant quest to elevate their athletes’ performance. Hevy Coach steps in as an essential tool, empowering coaches to efficiently manage and optimize training programs tailored to each discipline. This platform streamlines the tracking of progress and adherence while facilitating seamless communication through its integrated chat feature.

Customized Training for Every Discipline

Managing individualized training plans across different training disciplines can be a daunting task. Hevy Coach simplifies this complexity, enabling coaches to design, assign, and adjust training programs for athletes across any discipline. This flexibility ensures that the coach has the available tools to train clients with a variety of goals like building muscle, enhancing strength, reducing body fat, or excelling in specific athletic performances.

In-Depth Insights for Strategic Coaching

For coaches, understanding each athlete’s progress is crucial for making informed decisions. Traditional methods of tracking can be tedious and inefficient. Hevy Coach revolutionizes this process by providing instant, detailed insights into athletes’ performance metrics, such as total weight volume lifted, repetitions, rest intervals, perceived exertion levels, and timed activities. This data enables coaches to make strategic adjustments promptly, ensuring optimal performance across all disciplines.

Streamlined Communication for Enhanced Support

Effective communication is the backbone of successful coaching, especially when dealing with athletes from various disciplines. Hevy Coach addresses this need by centralizing communication, making it easier for coaches to guide their athletes, address questions, collect feedback, and strengthen relationships.

Elevate Training Across Disciplines with Hevy Coach

By offering solutions for creating versatile training plans, tracking progress with precision, and enhancing coach-athlete communication, Hevy Coach enables coaches to devote more time to what truly matters: developing athletes into champions in their respective fields. With Hevy Coach, coaches have a powerful ally in bringing out the best in their athletes, regardless of their training focus.