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Use Cases

Hevy Coach is designed to revolutionize the way personal trainers and fitness coaches manage their clients, offering a suite of features tailored to enhance the training experience for both coaches and their clients. Here are some key use cases and business types that would benefit of Hevy Coach.

personal trainer use case

Independent fitness professionals can use Hevy Coach to manage their client base more efficiently, design personalized workout plans, track progress, and communicate directly with clients, all from one platform. This makes it easier to deliver a high-quality, personalized training experience, even with a diverse clientele.

online coach coaching platform use case

For coaches who operate predominantly online, Hevy Coach provides the necessary tools to train clients remotely, including workout planning, progress tracking, and direct communication. This can expand a coach’s reach to clients worldwide, breaking geographical barriers.

gyms fitness studio coaching platform use case

Hevy Coach is an excellent resource for gyms and fitness studios looking to offer additional value to their members through personalized training programs and progress tracking. It allows trainers within a gym to manage multiple clients seamlessly, fostering a more personalized and engaging gym experience.

sports teams coaching platform use case

Hevy Coach can be adapted for use by sports teams and athletic coaches aiming to monitor the strength training fitness and performance of their athletes. Custom workout plans can be tailored to improve specific strength and conditioning skills, and progress can be tracked collectively or individually.

schools university strength training coaching platform use case

Schools, colleges, and universities can incorporate Hevy Coach into their physical education and athletics programs, offering students and athletes a modern way to track their fitness progress, set goals, and stay motivated.

influencer strength bodybuilding coaching platform use case

Fitness influencers and content creators can leverage Hevy Coach to provide their followers with structured workout programs, engage with their community, and offer personalized coaching services.

hevy coach strength training software

Hevy Coach is a versatile platform tailored to support coaches across various training disciplines, including bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, weight loss, powerlifting and more.

What coaches say about us

Yes, these are real reviews from real coaches using Hevy Coach.

Scott Slaman
Scott Slaman@themechanic
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Absolute game changer. I'm not great with technology, but this is so easy to use to manage clients, and assign workout programs. I'm recommending it to all my coach friends.
Fit With Rashid
Fit With Rashid@fitwithrashid
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Loving the Hevy Coach platform and the clients too! My clients love to be able to see progressive overload on their app and see how they're improving over time. Legendary!
Gilian Reichert
Gilian Reichert@om_giigo
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This platform is mega incredible! I'm coaching all my clients through Hevy Coach and it's so easy to keep track of everyone!