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Sports Teams

Hevy Coach is a versatile tool designed to streamline the management of strength training programs across a wide range of sports teams. Whether it’s football, basketball, lacrosse, or any other team sport, this platform offers comprehensive features for tracking and optimizing athletes’ physical conditioning. It provides coaches with the ability to monitor progress, customize workouts, and ensure their teams are achieving peak performance levels.

Easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

Easily Manage Your Clients

Manage and assign programs for your clients with an easy to use interface.​

Build and Assign Workout Programs​

Create your workout program library with a powerful routine builder. Use our complete exercise library or create your own custom exercises. 

Track client progress

The client overview allows you to analyze your client’s progress at a glance, or dig deeper into their advanced workout analytics.

Hevy Coach to Revolutionize Sports Team Training

As an athletic coach, you must continually look for ways to elevate your team’s performance and remain competitive. With Hevy Coach, you can manage dozens or hundreds of athletes, easily monitor their progress and adherence, and communicate through the built-in chat feature.

Optimize Athletic Training With Personalized Programs

Building strength training plans for a handful of clients is relatively straightforward, but things get messy when an entire team depends on your guidance. With Hevy Coach, you can create a handful of programs, assign them to as many athletes as necessary, and make quick adjustments based on feedback. The result? Athletes get to build more muscle and strength, lose fat, and improve their conditioning for optimal performance in their sport.

Real-Time Performance Insights for Smarter Coaching

You must track every athlete’s performance and adherence to make informed coaching decisions that benefit your team. The problem is that traditional methods often take forever and drain your energy because you must sift through countless spreadsheets. Hevy Coach allows you to track athletes at a glance and see in-depth performance data: weight lifted, reps done, rest periods taken, level of effort through RPE, and time-based performance on activities like the plank.

Direct Messaging for Immediate Feedback and Support

As a sports coach, you can appreciate how important communication is for guiding your athletes, answering questions, collecting feedback, and building relationships. Hevy Coach addresses communication-related issues by helping you keep track of all interactions from a single place. As a result, no message, question, or piece of feedback goes unnoticed.

Maximize Team Potential With Hevy Coach

Hevy Coach is a platform, but we like to think of it as a partner for trainers and coaches who crave a simpler way to build resistance training plans as well as manage and motivate their athletes. By streamlining workout building, progress tracking, and communication, you can provide more personalized guidance in time and spend time on what matters truly: helping your athletes develop into top-tier competitors.