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Advanced Strength Training Software for Climbing Teams

Build strength training programs, assign them to your school, college, or pro climbing team, and track progress to optimize their performance with Hevy Coach.

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Easy to use, powerful, and affordable.

Easily Manage Your Clients

Manage and assign programs for your clients with an easy to use interface.​

Build and Assign Workout Programs​

Create your workout program library with a powerful routine builder. Use our complete exercise library or create your own custom exercises. 

Track client progress

The client overview allows you to analyze your client’s progress at a glance, or dig deeper into their advanced workout analytics.

The Essential Strength Training Software for Climbing Coaches

Climbing requires muscle strength, power, a solid grip, balance, and endurance, all of which improve through proper strength training. Our strength training software allows you to build workout plans for your climbers, assign them at the click of a mouse, and make changes when necessary. 

Add movements from the library (or assign custom activities), include custom notes where necessary, and program the weight, sets, reps, rest periods, and target RPEs.

Keep a Close Eye on Climbing Weight Training Performance

Thanks to the built-in analytics features, Hevy Coach allows you to keep track of each athlete at a glance (e.g., see who’s been active this week) and gain in-depth insight into their performance on every movement you prescribe. As a result, you can easily see if a training plan works well for a given athlete and make changes to training variables when necessary.

Streamline Communication With Your Climbing Team

Hevy Coach has a built-in chat that organizes all your communications with athletes, making it easier to stay up-to-date, provide personalized guidance, answer questions on time, and collect feedback. This ensures that no message from your climbers is left unread.

Hevy Coach: Effective Climbing Strength Training Software

Hevy Coach provides the freedom to build strength training plans with all the necessary details: weights, rep targets, the number of sets, rest periods, and RPE targets. Assign one plan to as many climbers as necessary, tweak details to suit individual needs, and track how each athlete progresses with the built-in analytics.

Powerful Coaching Tools

Client Management

Streamline your client interactions and track their progress.

Powerful Workout Builder​

Create workout programs to transform your clients.

Assign Programs At Scale

Distribute your programs to your clients, at scale.

Advanced Progress Tracking​

Track workout stats, exercises, measurements, and more.

Create Your Own Exercise Library​

Use our complete exercise library, and create your own.

Client Chat

Communicate with your clients in the same platform.

What Your Athletes Will Experience

Get a glimpse of Hevy the app your athletes will use to log the workouts you assign, engage with others, and gain in-depth insight into their performance.

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Seamless Workout Logging

The Hevy app is an intuitive workout logger that allows your athletes to easily log their exercises, sets, and reps (assigned by you). Athletes can easily see what routines and exercises have been assigned to them, with the corresponding exercise videos and instructions.

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In-Depth Analytics​

You have coach access to in-depth data regarding their strength training performance, but the app also allows your athletes to see how far they’ve come in their training. The app provides in-depth exercise charts, personal record tracking, and a complete gym performance history.

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Connect with the Team​ and Community

Your athletes will gain instant access to the Hevy community and have the freedom to follow others (including people on the team), like and comment on workouts, upload photos and videos from their sessions, and feel more accountable.

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Yes, we have a 30 day free trial for all plans, with no credit card required. You will have complete access to Hevy Coach, and at the end of your trial you’ll be able to decide what plan is right for you.

As many as you want. We adapt to your business needs, accommodating from 1 client to 500.

No, your clients will not pay anything. We charge coaches a subscription to use the platform, and their clients will get coached through Hevy completely for free.

Yes! You can upgrade your plan at any time to include for clients. You can also downgrade your plan at any time, by removing clients and downgrading your plan.

Yes! The subscription is monthly, so you can cancel it anytime.

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