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How to Create and Use Personal Trainer Business Cards

Creating business cards might seem like an outdated idea. After all, our world is becoming more digital by the minute, which makes many old-school marketing tactics obsolete.

However, in some instances, as with business cards, there is value in going old-school because of a few distinct advantages.

Read on to learn how to create an effective personal trainer business card and how to use it for success.

What are Business Cards? What are their Benefits?

Put simply, personal training business cards are small forms of advertisement that can attract new clients. They are relatively easy to design, produce, and distribute to a broad audience. 

The great thing about a business card is that it markets your services, explains who you are, and tells people exactly how you can help them. It also provides contact information for those who want to reach out.

For example, you can give out business cards during a networking event to get your name out there and generate buzz around your services.

The Essential Elements of a Business Card

Good business card design can be the difference between someone carelessly throwing away the card in the bin and contacting you to learn more about your services. 

However, design can only get you so far. The card also needs to include the following pieces of essential information:

  • Full name
  • Contact information – email address, social media handles, phone number, and website URL (if you have one)
  • Your area (niche) of work and any specializations you may have
  • Where you’re located
  • A catchy tagline to make it more memorable
  • Your logo (if you have one)

When designing your business card or pondering what information to include, ask yourself, “If I were someone looking for PT services and someone just handed me this card, would I want to reach out?”

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Our Top Software Recommendation to Create Your First Business Card

There are plenty of software solutions for designing business cards, most of which do a decent job. However, we will only focus on one tool today: Canva.

Canva is an excellent design tool created for people of all levels. With its countless templates, this web tool allows you to create eye-catching designs for your business cards, blog post images, social media profiles, and more. 

The free version gives you plenty to work with, including multiple templates, countless fonts, and a plethora of design elements in case you want to add your personal touch. However, the premium version, which will set you back about $120 if you pay for a whole year or $14 for one month, gives you even more options to make something great.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Create An Account

Head to canva.com and create an account or log in with Gmail.

Step #2: Navigate to ‘Create a design’

Move the mouse cursor to the top right corner and find the purple “Create a design” button.

canva 1

Step #3: Navigate to ‘Business Card (Landscape)’

Select ‘Business Card (Landscape)’ from the dropdown menu or write ‘business card’ in the search bar to see all the available options for business cards.

canva 2

Step #4: Select a Template

You will see a field called ‘Templates’ on the left side. Click on it to see all the available designs you can take and make your own. The ones with the small yellow crown on the bottom right corner are only available to premium members, but there are plenty of completely free options.

Of course, you can create your own design instead of working off a template.

canva 3

Step #5: Apply the Template

Click on the template you’d like to use and select ‘Apply both pages’ for the front and back of your business card.

canva 4

Step #6: Update the Contact Information (Minimalistic Approach)

Once you’ve applied the template, you can navigate to the front and back sides and modify any element you want. Update the personal information (name, contact info, address, etc.), and you’re ready.

canva 5

Step #7: Print Your Cards

Head to the top right of the page again and click the ‘Print Business Cards’ button. Adjust the details in the dropdown menu and select how many business cards you’d like to print.

Canva offers the option to print your business cards in your preferred style––matte, gloss, or uncoated finish.

canva 6

Step #8: Complete Your Order

Canva offers free standard delivery (5-8 business days), which is a sweet deal. You can also opt for an express delivery, which can set you back about $30.

Once done, add a payment method and wait for your new and awesome business cards to arrive in your mail.

How to Effectively Use Your Business Card to Grow Your Client Roster

1. Make It a Bonus

One effective way to leave a lasting impression on people is to give them something small for free. In the case of business cards, you could include a code people could use to get something for free (e.g., a free session) or at a discount (e.g., a training plan).

Most personal trainers refrain from giving out bonuses, but that might be necessary when starting and looking to sign your first few clients. It takes some initial effort to get the ball rolling.

2. Talk to People

Talking to people, building rapport, and exchanging ideas have become something of a lost art in recent years. However, fitness professionals need social skills to engage with people and must find common ground before handing out their business cards.

For instance, let’s say you work at a gym and notice that one of the members is struggling with something––be it to set up a machine, figure out an exercise, or something else.

You could approach them in a friendly way and help them out. People generally frown upon unsolicited advice, but there is a way to pull it off gracefully, especially if you work at the facility.

Help out the person without making them feel foolish or placing them in the spotlight. Most struggling gym members will be beginners who aren’t yet confident enough and could get anxious if someone calls them out.

If your interaction goes well and you build some rapport, casually mention your services, hand them a card, and move on.

However, for this tactic to work, you must make an effort to read people and understand how they feel about you offering help. Some will be open to the idea, but others might get offended, so knowing when to step back is crucial.

3. Attend Local Fitness Events

The beauty of fitness events is that everyone there is interested in working out. Not everyone will need personal training services, but there are still plenty of opportunities to hand out your cards to potential clients.

Interact with people and offer a card to those potentially interested in your services. You can even use a card stand to leave some business cards where people can see them. Here are a few potential places:

  • On a registration desk
  • Refreshment tables
  • Lounge areas
  • Near exits

4. Establish a Referral Program

Ask clients if they’d like to give out a few of your business cards to friends and family. You can offer bonuses for every client they bring in. For instance:

  • A week-long meal plan for free
  • A special discount for in-person sessions if your client and their friend or family member come in together
  • Digital freebies: eBooks, email courses, workshops, etc.
  • Double the client’s referral prize during the holiday season or if it is the month of their birthday
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Final Words

Handing out personal trainer business cards might seem like an outdated marketing tactic, but it isn’t. When done right, it can generate new leads and help you expand your roster.

For a business card to be effective, it should include your name, contact information (email address, phone number, etc.), area of work (e.g., fitness for elderly individuals), where you’re located, your logo (if you have one), and a catchy tagline.

Canva is a fantastic web tool for your business card design. Its templates, fonts, and countless design elements make the task a breeze.

Handing out business cards and signing clients is only part of personal training. You also need to provide an excellent service, which is where the all-in-one coaching platform, Hevy Coach, comes in. It allows you to create training programs quickly, assign them to people, make adjustments in seconds, and keep track of your clients, all from a single dashboard.

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